Monitor Foetal Heart Oxford Sonicaid


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The Sonicaid is a single-hand device for detection of the fetal heart, which may be detected from early pregnancy, and more easily in pregnancies greater than 15 weeks. The monitor is suitable for use in the antenatal or labor period. The Sonicaid operates at a nominal frequency of 2 MHz using Doppler ultrasound. On the liquid crystal display a heart-shaped dual-indicator flashes at the fetal heart rate (FHR). When the heart rate is validated the inner 'heart' symbol (confidence indicator) will remain on and the outer part of the symbol will continue to flash. The fetal heart rate will be displayed. FHR is averaged over 3 to 5 beats. The monitor can he powered either by two 'AA' alkaline batteries or two rechargeable batteries (alkaline batteries give superior performance). The battery low indicator will be displayed when the batteries are nearly exhausted. Replace batteries as instructed. There is an optional headset available The control panel has an 'on/off' switch, a volume control 'Hi/LO' key, a manual count key and a display 'freeze' key. All key presses are acknowledged by an audible 'beep'. The monitor is lightweight and designed to fit comfortably into the uniform pocket or to clip on a belt.