Valleylab Electrosurgical unit FXC with Optimumm Smoke Extractor on trolley


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ManufacturerValleylab Electrosurgical unit with Optimumm Smoke Extractor on trolley


The Force FXc Electrosurgical Generator with instant response technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to "turn up the generator." Adjusts automatically, responding to tissue changes, maintaining power delivery, and minimizing drag.

Added Safety and Reliability Minimizes Electrosurgical Risks. Capacitive coupling is reduced by 30 - 50% when using instant response technology. This reduction is achieved by limiting the RMS voltage and the high-frequency harmonics. Lower voltage means less neuromuscular stimulation and more precise delivery of energy to reduce collateral damage.

  • Voltage: 100 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V.
  • Weight and Dimensions:
  • Height: 4.4" (11.1 cm).
  • Width: 14" (35.6 cm).
  • Length: 17" (43.9 cm).
  • Weight: < 18 lb (8.1 kg).

Valleylab Optimumm Features

The OptiMumm Smoke Evacuator is the centerpiece of a complete smoke evacuation system

Quiet: Effectively filters and removes surgical smoke without creating additional noise in the OR.

ValleyLab RapidVac System: Synchronize the OptiMumm Smoke Evacuator with your electrosurgical generator, so the smoke evacuator will work automatically when the generator is activated.

Efficient: Designed specifically for use with the AccuVac Smoke Evacuation attachment to effectively capture and filter smoke directly at the surgical site.

Convenient: Designed with an easy to read front panel and a user-friendly interface. The ULPA and prefilter are easy to access and set up.

Compact: Integrates conveniently into the OR. The system fits directly on most Valleylab mounting carts, saving valuable OR space.

User-Friendly: The filter life indicator is based on airflow, not just time, so you know when to replace the ULPA filter.