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IoT Medical Devices ‘Need Mandatory Encryption Standards’

All medical devices that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) should have mandatory encryption standards. That’s according to an IoT company.

Digital Health reported on the comments from Dr Arslan Usman, system developer at Pangea Connected, who explained that the market for IoT medical devices should be better regulated.

Among the recommendations he made were for firmware and software updates to be made mandatory for all IoT medical devices. He commented: “Just like any other device with an operating system and network connection, unsecured medical IoT devices can be tampered with by a determined hacker.”

This could have a serious impact, causing the device to malfunction and potentially putting a patient’s life at risk, he added.

Making updates mandatory for both device manufacturers and users would help keep these important devices protected. “Don’t leave updates waiting; it gives hackers time to find weaknesses in the software,” Dr Usman stressed.

Cyber security expert at the publication David Windey agreed with Dr Usman’s assertions, adding that the threat of IoT medical devices being hacked is “very real indeed”. He stressed that hospitals and other medical facilities need to take cyber security seriously otherwise they could be putting patients’ lives at risk.

This isn’t the first time that there have been warnings over the security of modern medical devices. Last month, CyberMDX revealed that there was a chance hackers could use insecure internet connections in NHS hospitals to hack into medical devices with potentially catastrophic consequences.

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