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Will 5G Change Our Healthcare?

Innovations within technology are changing many aspects of our lives. Technology has already helped revolutionise certain elements of healthcare and it seems that the arrival of 5G networks could take things a few steps further.

A recent article for Tech Radar explored how 5G is set to impact this sector. It highlighted remarks made by NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens, who said earlier this year that all NHS patients will in future be given the option of having an online consultation where it’s appropriate.

This could reduce outpatient appointments by up to one-third and save the NHS £1 billion a year, he explained.

Mr Long commented: “A lot of older people with these chronic ailments aren’t people who need to see a doctor, they just need somebody who can check up on them and see if they’re ok or if there’s anything they need.”

Another change that 5G is going to support is the shift towards prevention over cure. Wearable medical devices that can measure everything from your blood pressure to your heart rate could allow people to get lifestyle advice before it’s too late and a condition has developed.

5G technology will also help wearable devices become cheaper. The improved connection will allow them to “offload heavier tasks to servers in the cloud which then crunch and return your data to your device”.

This could help to further reduce deaths from conditions like heart disease. Research from Imperial College London recently revealed that the number of people who die as a result of heart disease in the UK has almost halved in the past decade.

New medical equipment that uses 5G technology is likely to be expensive initially. That might mean medical equipment hire is a better way to go in the early stages of adoption.


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