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Govt Boosts NHS Digital Services With Fast Broadband

Patients in the UK are set to benefit from improved digital services from the NHS thanks to better broadband connections.

The government has committed itself to upgrading every NHS organisation, including hospitals and GP practices, with full-fibre broadband.

Currently, 40 per cent of these centres are using slow and unreliable internet through copper lines, which means their digital services for patients are restricted.

As a result of upgrading the internet connection, more patients will be able to benefit from digital consultations and virtual clinics, while their records will be kept on the cloud. This will allow their details to be accessed by clinicians anywhere in the country at any time, enabling treatment to be conducted quickly.

Health secretary Matt Hancock said: “To give people control over how they access NHS services, I want to unlock the full potential of technology – this is the future of our 21st century healthcare system.”

He went on to say having faster internet connections will allow healthcare professionals to “access fast, reliable broadband so they can provide patients with the best possible care”.

Virtual clinics with video consultations will enable more people to access outpatient appointments, making it easier for those who struggle to get to a hospital and speed up appointment times.

This change will also enable some of the 307 million GP-patient consultations that occur every year to be offered online or through video appointments, which could make it a lot easier for people to access medical care.

By doing this, more patients may be able to get an appointment with their GP, despite the current shortfall in clinicians in the UK.

According to a report from The Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation, GP shortages in England will triple to 7,000 by 2023/24, while nurse shortages will double to 70,000.

However, this upgrade in technology could help counteract this loss. For more information about medical equipment to hire in the UK, get in touch with us today.


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