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UK ‘Already Experiencing Medicine Shortages’ Ahead Of Brexit

Although there have been multiple warnings that Brexit will lead to shortages of medicines and medical equipment, it seems that the UK is already experiencing difficulties getting hold of certain medications despite not having yet left the EU.

In a recent article, the Guardian shared figures from the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), which revealed that the list of concession priced medicines is the longest it has been since the system was introduced five years ago.

The concession priced medicines are ones that the NHS has to pay a higher than usual price for, normally due to supply issues that result in suppliers increasing their prices.

There are currently 96 medicines on the concession list, including naproxen, which is a common painkiller, and some morphine-based products that are routinely prescribed to cancer patients.

PSNC chief executive Simon Dukes told the newspaper that community pharmacies have been reporting issues in sourcing generic medicines for their patients.

Mr Dukes added that all the teams involved are “continuing to work hard to ensure that all patients receive the medicines they need when they need them”. However, he added that the PSNC is “becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that this is having on already busy pharmacy teams”.

This is far from the only worry that medical professionals in the UK have at the moment. A report released recently by The Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation noted that shortages of both GPs and nurses are expected to worsen by 2023/24.

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