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NHS Announces ‘Long Term Plan’ To Save 500,000 More Lives By 2029

The NHS has served the British public for 70 years, and continuing to support the health of every citizen, it has committed itself to saving an extra 500,000 lives over the next ten years.

It claims it will be able to do this through advancements in medical technology, including digital GP consultations, investment in cutting-edge treatments, early detection tests, and better neonatal and mental health care.

Chief executive of the NHS Simon Stevens said the NHS is a source of a lot of pride for Brits, and there is optimism in its future regarding medical improvements. However, it has also faced a lot of concern over the years regarding problems in funding and staffing, and the increasing pressures of an ageing population.

“In looking ahead to the Health Service’s 80th birthday, this NHS Long Term Plan acts on all three of these realities,” Mr Stevens stated.

Its aim is to provide support and medical assistance at the earliest opportunity, which will avoid more complicated and expensive strains on the NHS later on.

As part of the plan, it will introduce earlier detection tests for respiratory problems; genetic testing for those with possible inherited high cholesterol; use new scans to offer better stroke care; expand community-based services to help 345,000 children and young people gain access to better mental health support; and allow new parents 24-hour access to crisis care.

Commenting on the strategy, Prime Minister Theresa May said it will “secure the future of our NHS for our children – and for their children”.

NHS England will pay for these changes and developments in technology and services by increasing its budget by £20.5 million in real terms over the next five years.

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