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Coca-Cola Donates Birthing Equipment To Nigerian Hospital

The Coca-Cola Company has shown its commitment to trying to help women in Nigeria have a safe labour by donating large supplies of medical equipment to a hospital.

Earlier this week, the multi-billion pound organisation gave medical kit worth more than N3.8 billion (£8.02 million) to the National Hospital Abuja, the Guardian reported.

This donation is part of its Safe Birth Initiative (SBI), which aims at promoting the importance of keeping women and babies safe during labour.

President of Coca-Cola (West Africa) Peter Njonjo launched SBI this weekend in Abuja, explaining the reason behind the cause and significant contribution to Nigeria’s hospital.

“The issue of safe birth resonates strongly with us because it affects the wellbeing of women. Globally, Coca-Cola has a commitment to women whom we consider as pillars of the society,” Mr Njongo stated.

The first phase of the initiative will roll out the SBI programme in 15 major public hospitals that have been recommended by the Federal Ministry of Health.

They will all benefit from the medical equipment the soft drinks giant has donated, delivering the supplies to hospitals that require extra resources.

Last month, minister for health Steve Barclay urged hospitals to re-use medical equipment such as crutches and wheelchairs by encouraging patients to return them.

He stated this will not only reduce waste and support the environment, but also so they can “be put to good use helping others”.

Mr Barclay added that this scheme will ensure “equipment is used in an environmentally friendly way and that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely”.

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