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Portable Medical Devices ‘Changing Lives’

In recent years medical devices and technology have shrunk. Making devices more portable and easier to use is revolutionising patients’ lives, an article for Health Spectator has asserted.

The news provider noted that wireless connectivity, as well as miniaturisation, have both played a part in enabling these small and highly portable devices to come into use.

“Until recently, people with debilitating conditions have been confined to hospital, due to their sheer size, weight, power requirement and complex nature of many medical devices,” the publication noted.

However, the move towards portable and connective tech means that a rising number of people are able to live with their conditions and even travel without having to worry about their treatment.

Among the examples given by the news provider are blood pressure monitors, portable EKG and ECG monitors, glucose monitoring systems and continuous positive airway pressure devices.

These can all help patients regulate conditions from sleep apnoea and high blood pressure to cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes.

Earlier this year, Pharmacy2U released a report detailing how advances in medical technology could help to transform the NHS. Among the suggestions of things that will help improve patient care were a number of portable and wearable healthcare devices.

Other things that stand out in terms of their potential impact on the health service are the likes of artificial intelligence to administer more prescriptions and smart beds that can monitor the quality of a patient’s sleep.

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