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Govt Planning To Cut NHS Budget By £2.7bn

The amount of money invested in the NHS to pay for doctors’ and nurses’ salaries, ultrasound medical equipment in the UK, hospital beds and the latest technology could be reduced further, if the government’s latest plans go ahead.

A Treasury statement has been leaked, revealing intentions to raise employer pension contributions for five million people working in the public sector, costing £1.36 billion per year.

Liz Truss, chief secretary to the Treasury, stated that the government would provide financial support to employers to do this for 2019/2020, but there is no guarantee for assistance after this date. Over the final two years of the current parliament, this will amount to £2.7 billion.

Former Lib Dem pensions minister Sir Steve Webb said the government will bill the NHS for £1.36 billion with the intention of refunding this.

“But crucially there is no guarantee the Treasury will refund the cost after that,” the Daily Mirror quoted him as saying, adding: “Based on past form, it is likely the Treasury will smuggle this cut through.”

According to the Labour Party, £2.7 billion is enough to pay for 61,912 nurses’ salaries a year, 3.3 million cataract operations, or 360,000 hip replacements.

Labour’s shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd MP expressed his disapproval of the government’s actions, remarking that NHS funding is being reduced by billions of pounds, which proves to him that “you cannot trust the Tories with our NHS”.

This is despite Prime Minister Theresa May pledging £20 billion for the NHS by 2023 earlier this year, which will be achieved by raising public taxes.


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