Erbe VIO Diathermy with Footswitch 200S


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ManufacturerErbe VIO Diathermy with Footswitch


Constant Voltage Regulation with Power Dosing automatically delivers lowest effective adjusted power output in all modes, including both CUT and COAG

  • Power Peak System™, PPS, offers optimal support during the initial cutting stage, especially low contact impedance situations, allowing the electrode to start in contact with target tissue without cutting delay

Spark Recognition automatically detects the formation of micro-electric arcs (sparks) for controlled and reproducible cuts, e.g. length and Quality

  • Spark Regulation (micro-electric arcs) for reproducible, efficient cuts in tissue with high or extremely low impedance
  • VIO® technology – Logical, simple, and easy to use
  • ENDO CUT® I and Q for use with snare wires and sphincterotomes
  • User-Friendly Interface FocusView – reduces the visual information to the essentials, simplifying the operation of the unit
  • Up to 9 storable programs
  • Audio and Visual Error Recognition System
  • Compatible with APC® module utilizing FORCED APC™

Effect settings for each Mode

CUT Modes

Cutting results are largely independent of the cutting speed, the shape of the

electrode and the tissue type ENDO CUT® I, ENDO CUT® Q, AUTO CUT®

COAG Modes

Power adjustment as a result of voltage control for reproducible coagulation with optimally adjusted output FORCED COAG®, SOFT COAG®, BIPOLAR SOFT COAG™