Mercian McCulloch Spinal Retractor Set


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ManufacturerMercian McCulloch Spinal Retractor Set


This Specialist Retractor allows the consultant the optimal exposure to the disc with the minimum incision. The design of the retractor allows unhindered access around the wound with the jointed arms folding along the patients back. The black finish eliminates distracting reflections under the microscope during surgery. The wide selection of blades available allows the surgeon full flexibility in approaches to the disc. Consisting of:- SP5202-00 retractor frame ,jointed arms,max spread 70mm SP5210-05 toothed blades 50mm depth SP5210-03 toothed blades 30mm depth SP5204-04 wide muscle blades 27mm 40mm depth SP5204-06 wide muscle blades 27mm 60mm depth SP5208-03 hook blades 30mm depth SP5208-05 hook blades 50mm depth SP5206-04 narrow muscle blades 20mm 40mm depth SP5206-06 narrow muscle blades 20mm 60mm depth