Pneupac Ventilator MRI Babypac 100


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ManufacturerPneupac Ventilator MRI
ModelBabypac 100


babyPAC™ is specially designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs of patients ranging from neonates through pediatrics up to 20kg with precision and confidence. It has a sophisticated range of ventilation controls including CPAP, variable I:E ratio and variable oxygen concentration. The babyPAC™ also incorporates a comprehensive range of alarms.

Unique variable oxygen concentration gas mixing system
Inspiratory pressure control
Separate controls for inspiratory and expiratory time
Four operating modes
PEEP/CPAP control
Adjustable pneumatic pressure relief with audible alarm
Integrated pressure monitoring/alarm system
Low gas supply indicators for O2 and air
Complete pneumatic operation
Lightweight and durable
MR Conditional: 3 Tesla actively shielded magnet
max gradient of 430 G/cm, 0.82 W/kg at 125.5 Mhz