GE Breas Vivo 40 Ventilator


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ModelBreas Vivo 40 Ventilator


Help patients make the transition from hospital to home with Vivo 40, a flexible, advanced, and clinically reliable respiratory solution from Breas. Vivo 40 provides both invasive and non-invasive respiratory support in PSV, PCV and CPAP mode to both paediatric (>10 kg) and adult patients.

  • With the Target Volume feature, delivered inspiratory pressure is automatically adjusted to ensure stable tidal volume delivery to the patient. Combining the comfort and technical advantages of pressure-limited ventilation with the ease of use of volume ventilation, Target Volume obtains delivered tidal volume, adapts to the patient’s lung mechanics, and reduces the need for ventilator adjustments.
  • Thanks to eSync, highly responsive Trigger technology, Vivo 40 synchronizes smoothly with the patient’s breathing effort. As the patient demands for a new breath, Vivo 40 responds immediately and delivers the pressure required. The Enhanced Pressure Support mode gives clinical flexibility when needed, and a maximum pressure of 40 cmH2O offers the ability to treat difficult restrictive conditions. In addition, the Pediatric mode offers an extra margin of clinical safety for young patients.

An integrated heated humidifier is available, and an internal battery assures battery operation beyond the external DC supply. Vivo 40 also offers an appealing design and intuitive user-interface, making it an integrated part of hospital or home environment.

  • For paedriatic (>10 kg) and adult use
  • Target Volume stabilizes tidal volume delivery
  • Appropriate for invasive and non-invasive use
  • eSync feature for synchronized breath delivery
  • Designed for use at home or in the hospital
  • Large, easy-to-read display with simple menu structure
  • Designed for a wide range of masks
  • Low noise < 30dB(A)
  • Offers 3 ventilation modes, 2 device modes, 2 patient modes
  • Extensive alarm package
  • Internal battery
  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • Internal data/calendar memory
  • Stable device with small footprint
  • Large, easy-to-use buttons with backlight
  • Worldwide mains power compatibility
  • Flexible DC power options