Bronchoscope Olympus BF 240


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ModelBF 240
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The Olympus BF-240 is a video bronchoscope used for bronchoscopy applications in hospitals and clinics. It delivers crisp and clear images during diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases through its high resolution and compact CCD, with a shortened length of the rigid distal end to allow for easier insertion. Its ergonomically designed grip can be easily used regardless of the operator's hand size, and the switches are arranged strategically so that almost all operations can be controlled using only the left hand. It is built with an insertion tube with a diameter of 5.7 millimeters, an instrument channel with a diameter of 2.0 millimeters, and a working length of 550-millimeter, and these features facilitate easy insertion that decreases procedure time and improves patient comfort. The BF-240 has a 120-degree field of view which enables accurate observation of large areas, while its 180-degree up and 130-degree down angulation allows efficient maneuvering in the bronchi.