Eschmann Electric Operating Table T-20 M


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ManufacturerEschmann Electric Operating Table
ModelT-20 M


  • Full-length radiolucent top with integral X-ray cassette tunnel
  • Capable of 990-pound maximum weight
  • Slimline column offset relative to tabletop and base
  • Mattress spans the break for improved patient support
  • Covers are made of impact-resistant acrylic capped ABS
  • Battery Status indicators on handset and table base
  • Powered 9.8″ traversing top
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections
  • Tabletop break offset from column
  • RS232 port for system analysis
  • 26.4″-42.1″ height range (excluding mattress)
  • The automatic self-locking mechanism ensures patient safety at all times
  • Easy configuration: Head and leg sections can be easily and quickly changed using the 2-stage lock and release system allowing multiple configuration options
  • Easy clean tabletop: Acrylic capped ABS tabletop prevents fluid ingress, is easy to clean, impact-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Intuitive Control: Lightweight, easy to use, the corded handset can be conveniently hooked over the sidebars or at the end of the table for immediate access
  • Handset also features the main battery, backup status, and battery status indicators
  • Built-in Override Control: A standby control panel is located on the top of the column, this enables the full use of the table in the event of handset loss

Supplied fitted with new batteries